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Like Tears in Rain April 22, 2018

Posted by bobv451 in computers, science fiction, sense of wonder, steampunk, weird westerns, writing, zeppelin.

I keep thinking of a favorite scene from my favorite SF movie, Bladerunner. Rutger Hauer is a replicant, dying and bemoaning the resulting loss of all his knowledge and experience. That has always struck me as poignant. Thinking on it and the recent death of longtime friend and collaborator Martin Cameron intensifies the sense of loss.

Martin (Bucky for the 40 years or so I knew him) was a wonderful artist, but he had also edited a racing magazine and was providing incredible technical support in just about any modern artistic tool for our MAJOR ARCANIUM GAZETTE project. He did layout as well as the artwork because he had the experience. For years he worked on video games at Lucas, designing the Star Wars fighters in a couple games. He gave me a tour of Skywalker Ranch. But he was also an anime fanatic, knew Japanese pop culture and windsurfing. And the gig as editor of Wheels magazine came because of his time on the racing circuit, both as a mechanic and driver. I was always fascinated by his casual tales of how, as a kid, he didn’t think there was anything odd about finding Dan Gurney asleep on the front room sofa. Gurney and Bucky’s dad were great friends.

He was such a ball of energy, and now that energy is gone. Along with it, his artistic skill, insight and experiences unique to him. We’re all filled with our own unique skills and events that have shaped us, but death eradicates them forever. It seems such a waste, losing the knowledge–and friendship.

I am missing him a lot, as a friend and unique human being with sharp, clever ideas and a skewed outlook on the world.

(c) 2018 Martin G. Cameron


1. D Gary Grady - April 22, 2018

Very sorry to read this. I didn’t know him terribly well and we last exchanged emails late in 2015. Coincidentally I’d thought of him several times in the last few days because of our mutual interest in digital visual effects (very amateur on my part; professional on his) and was planning to email him when I saw this post.

bobv451 - April 23, 2018

Bucky would have been more than happy to help out, I am sure. He was working with Joan Saberhagen to get her up to speed on InDesign and spent a lot of time fiddling with new programs. He’d just gotten the new Poser which he said would give him quite a head start on animation. It was all a mystery to me. (I tried putting some illos into an ebook and it split the background from the actual illustration, then scrambled it into pieces over a number of pages. I ended up going with simple b&w. Not the first time I wish I could have said, “Here, Bucky, this is what I want” and gotten not only the job done but a long explanation. And what he thought about the latest anime on Crunchyroll. )

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