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Working on the Road April 28, 2017

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I was on the road for a week and away from my secure little cubbyhole where I usually work.  In the past, trying to work on the road has been problematic.  Doing fantasy football copyediting isn’t a problem (and that starts up again RSN, but this year I’ll be at home).  Distractions crop up while doing other work, such as actually *writing*.

I found all kinds of ways to avoid work, which isn’t necessarily bad since I was visiting my mother.  (We did geek out and binge watch most of the FaceOff season up to and including the season finale).  In the off times from visiting, I researched a new western  and notes taken.  Fascinating that lightning storms caused foxfire to dance along longhorns’ horns.  Looking out over that herd at midnight had to be downright scary.  It gets put into the story as an aside.  More substantive is the notion of a herd milling.  A herd crossing a river might begin to turn in on itself for any reason (such as a rabbit on the shore–this gets put in, too, but in a more detailed fashion).  That’s all research but not writing “writing”.

By the time I feel settled enough, knowing the sounds and external disruptions enough to ignore them, I am usually on the road again.  As was the case this time.  Other than the reading and making a few changes to a synopsis, I just couldn’t get down to writing.

Maybe it’s for the good experiencing other things.  I went through my first lock down due to a guy shooting off a guy nearby, then foolishly hightailing it for a grade school.  The town police chief managed to robocall everyone (it’s a small town) warning them.  Oddity, though it is a small town, one of my mother’s nurses said the guy the cops are still after is her cousin.  All grist for the idea mill.

An upside was finishing Jim Butcher’s steampunk novel, The Aeronaut’s Windlass. A wonderful tale and one I will review and dissect for its professional construction later.  A book to learn from, as well as enjoy.

I wanted to pass along a few promos for my own stuff.  Two “Karl Lassiter” westerns are going to be reduced in price starting May 1.  Check out China Jack and especially Drifter.

The fantasy novel Glass Warrior is free.



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