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How Long Is It? February 2, 2014

Posted by bobv451 in business, writing.
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The second most asked question after “where do you get your ideas?” has to be “how long did it take to write that book?”

A seemingly simple question but one that has no real answer for me. The time spent at the keyboard is short compared to the time spent getting ready to pound away on the keys (after pushing the cat off the qwerty row, of course). An idea pops up, like Minerva from the forehead of Jupiter and takes form. Only it is ghostly. Some details might be sharp but most are seen through a gauzy curtain that has to be pushed and pulled until a good gust of creative wind blows it away. Then more of the story is apparent.

Even then this might not be much of a story. A character? Where does the character come from? Go in terms of plot? Research? What surrounds and further erases the impediment to actually seeing the details? All this gets turned over. Maybe a first line or a final one comes to me. From this more is built, scenes, other characters, plot, complications. More reading and research. Or maybe not in that order. All is chaotic.

And still utterly perfect. Things become more defined and less perfect when I get the ideas put down into a synopsis. The plot takes shape and the characters fit in better than before–or not at all. Some get lost and others discovered hitchhiking along mental back roads. The synopsis might be written in an afternoon or a month.

More thinking, more fiddling, more rearranging and invention. When the synopsis says “now!” the time is right to write. And then, of course, the writing reveals fatal flaws that must be remedied. And a second draft. More thinking. More tinkering and research, as needed (and it always is).

A month actually tapping out the book? Probably. That much more to redo, rethink, polish it up. If I’m lucky.

From idea to “The End” might be a month or, as in the case of the book I am still working on to get a decent synopsis, years. By my count, five years. If everything clicks, and it doesn’t seem to be at the moment, I’ll have the synopsis done in a few days. It’ll be a long book. Easily a month to write. But what do I answer when asked “how long did it take?” With research and ideation and writing and redoing? The answer has to be “as long as it took to produce an entertaining book.”



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