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Funny, You Don’t Look Phlegmish January 13, 2013

Posted by bobv451 in fantasy, VIPub, writing.
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A monster cold has seized me by the throat (literally) and is shaking me hard. Won’t let go, even after a week. Robot-tusson helps the wicked cough but sleep is done in small stretches. The good thing is that I’ve lost about 10 lbs–it seems I did not really invent a perpetual motion body, one where phlegm is generated, swallowed and powers the body to generate more (factoid: an avg person swallows a qt of phlegm a day. I have been on a Guinness Book of World Records pace for a week now)

Trying to work has been problematic. An hr is as long as I go before collapsing in exhaustion, writhing about on the floor and mewling piteously. Well, not the latter. My voice is about gone. An hr work, 23 in bed. Not a bad gig but one which I have to ramp up because work’s coming at me hard. I completed the comic book project before this hit, but I have an sf book to write ASAP. But physically the stamina to sit and do it isn’t back yet.

I have been proofreading scanned books to prep for ebook posting. Three of 4 in the Jade Demons series are checked for paragraph errors (which abound). I find myself wanting to tinker since these were written 25 years ago and I have changed how I write as much as what I write. Resisting to some extent. These will be ready eventually, but are closer now than they were a couple weeks back.

How much to push myself on writing is a question. Too much and I relapse? Not enough and I fall into the 1/23 schedule? Since I’ve worked over an hr on revamping the website and this blog, it is time to … return to bed to see if I can’t grab a few winks. Maybe this afternoon will see another burst of energy and I can work longer. *coff* *coff*

I leave you with this Dilbert Classic from today’s news.



1. sheldon russell - January 13, 2013

This too shall pass.

bobv451 - January 13, 2013

I’ve turned the corner. No longer want to die, afraid I’m going to live. Working on the want to live stage next. Thanks.

2. Bridgesburning Chris King - January 13, 2013

Hope you feel better soon. Darn colds just keep hanging on these days! Don’t begrudge yourself sleep as your body does some good healing work when you sleep.

3. Ray - January 13, 2013

Good luck I’ve been fighting with Delbert for over a month now. Just when I think I’m getting better I start coughing an retcning again.

bobv451 - January 14, 2013

Wishing you a (speedier) recovery. As per your history, I am not buoyed by the prospect of another couple weeks of this. Weirdly, I have had a doc appt pending for 2.5 months and it is coming due in 2 weeks. Might I actually see the doctor when I am sick?

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