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Yours, Mine, and Theirs July 5, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, education, Free, money, VIPub, writing.

An interesting synchronicity impinged on my world today. Kris Rusch at http://www.kriswrites.com has a wonderful piece on how universities might teach writing but not becoming a working writer, ie, making money at it. “Creative” writing is somehow the end goal rather than paying the rent and keeping the cats in food. In my experience, I’ve found such creative writing programs scoff at actually being paid for the writing–but being a professor teaching how not to make a living at writing is a fine. Fame=literary acceptance, if that fame is limited to literary circles. Fame=making big bucks means the work is inferior.

Read Kris’ blog. It’s got a lot more on her take on creative writing programs vs other fields (hey, I took exactly 2 English courses in college–I tested out of Eng 101, 102 was nothing but Melville and Am Lit 201 was, shudder, nothing but Puritan diaries. All I got out of that was what the Puritans meant by “rogering.” I majored in physics undergrad and engineering in grad school where coming up with nifty problems and finding ways of solving them was the reason. But never was it held out that taking money for the solutions or research was a bad thing.)

Along with this a couple days ago a writer who has 2x more books published than I ever will lamented about his career. He’d written over 400 books, 7 hit the NYT bestseller list, 3 in #1, he is in still demand and yet…and yet he worried over his legacy. The reason? He’s also written under 60+ pen names. All the bestsellers were done as ghost work and his name didn’t appear anywhere. Known in editorial circles, sure, and highly valued as a writer who can deliver the goods. But most of what he’s written isn’t really his being work for hire.

A friend with dozens of titles to his credit realized his work had been all gaming tie-in. Those weren’t his books. They were work-for-hire. His name graced the covers, but they weren’t *his* books in the sense that he controlled anything about them. With today’s legacy publishing contracts, all rights are being tied up, especially e-rights. Depending on the contract, those might be granted for a very long time. With publishing venues changing so rapidly, how much faith you have in the traditional publishers to capitalize on new markets depends on whether you want to buy some swamp land along the mighty Rio Grande.

VIPub (Vertically Integrated Publishing) gives you the chance to control the books and methods of distribution yourself. If you have to promote legacy publishers’ books anyway, why not dip your toe in the VIPub market and do that yourself–and reap the benefits? And, of course, take the risk the book might not go anywhere? This can be a balancing act between advance money and money stretched out over 3-5 years, but controlling the rights completely to your own work might be a good thing for both your pocket book and your ego. It’s great seeing your name in print. It can be even greater controlling how and when your own name is in print.


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