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Reading Writing May 18, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in autographing, charity, conventions, fantasy, Free, writing.

The value of autographings has been a subject of discussion here, with the vague conclusion that it benefits the bookstore more than the writer. And many bookstores look on them as a hassle and not worth the effort (I have 2 autographings next month here in Albuquerque, both as Jackson Lowry–the first at Page One on June 13 and the next at B&N Coronado on June 15.) (And a couple all day signings as yhos at Albuquerque Comic Expo June 8-10) Busy week in June.

But prior to that is a form of autographing that doesn’t require anyone to put out money, though in this case I hope many of you do. I will be reading a first draft of my short story, “Memory of Wind,” in Second Life as part of the Relay For Life, donations to benefit cancer research. I’ll post a location in SL later but the date is 24 May at 6PM SLT.

I am not a fan of readings and don’t think I am all that good doing it, but this is for a worthwhile charity (as opposed to the BLFM fund–that stands for Better Lunches For Me. Send me lots of money so I can eat better! After donating to Relay for Life.) Why do you like to hear an author read? Some authors, notably Harlan, don’t read as much as they perform. One thing this is going to force me to do is keep all those fantasy names pronounceable The worst title I ever came up with was Beasts of the Mist. I cannot say that without lisping.

For those of you who can’t make it to the SL reading, I’ll have a page on my website after Sunday with the text of “Memory of Wind.” That story, btw, is being submitted to an original anthology. Fingers crossed on its reception. I am batting .500 selling here. This could push me to .667 sales or drop me to .333. Either of those is pretty good for the majors, I am told.

This cartoon caught my fancy today. Makes me want to replace my tinfoil hat.



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