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Packing Up, Moving On Down the Road April 22, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, fantasy, sci-fi, science fiction, steampunk, writing.

I’ll be away from the blog posting for a while as I venture into Tornado Alley. I hope there are no “stories” to tell when I get back. I don’t want “adventures” or “thrills” due to dodging F5s or being pummeled with grapefruit-sized hailstones. If all goes as planned, I’ll be delivering a big screen TV and that’ll be as exciting as it gets.

Until then I’m leaving you with a bunch of links. While I’m gone, buy my books. Help me pay for $4/gal gasoline out on the road. My online store has lots of great stuff. Some free stories, a couple novels under $3 (in the case of Lord of Death and Life, only until I return) and super fantasy, sf and other genres. Sign up for the newsletter and be eligible for a promotion after I change hosts in a couple weeks.

You like sexy spy books? Hot Rail to Hell is what you’re looking for.

Steampunk? You can’t go wrong with the initial story in the Empires of Steam and Rust series.

Great fantasy? You can read the complete Accursed trilogy, which has never been published in the US before (only in the UK).

Or here is the entire 9-book series, Swords of Raemllyn.

SF? Space opera? Give the complete Weapons of Chaos a read.

Or the entire Biowarriors trilogy.

Check out the comprehensive catalog on the Kindle or the Nook

And I’ve done some editing. Want a sampler of some mighty fine writers? Try this one…

Career Guide to Your Job in Hell



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