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Move Over, Dick Tracy April 16, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, iPad, iPhone, science, web & computers.

The Dick Tracy comic strip was never a favorite of mine but I was always amused by the weird villains and my stfnal soul yearned for that wristwatch of his. A video telephone. Wow. Heady stuff (and this was before I ever found a copy of Tom Swift and his Phototelephone–that book alone is worth a lot of verbiage, but I’ll save that for a later time).

The smartphone is about everything that wrist video/radio was–almost. Now Sony has gone that extra diminished inch and created a true wrist smartwatch.

Android, of course, and sorta clunky looking like the first digital watches. The difference lies in the touch screen, I suspect. And the Bluetooth connection. It doesn’t appear to have an annoying ringtone but rather vibrates. Or pings in your earpiece. It’s creepy now seeing people wandering around, glassy eyed and talking to themselves. This might carry the creepiness to a new level since they don’t have to have a cell phone in their hand or hooked to their belt.

Apps seem limited but how hard can it be to port these over from Android smartphones? The chips are small enough and how much storage do you really need if you can use your wristwatch to float into the iCloud?

Wristwatches have become something of an ornamentation device rather than useful. Ask someone now what time it is and they look at their cell phone. A kid asked me what time it was yesterday while I was elegantly dining at McD’s and I checked the display at the top of my iPad, in spite of wearing my nifty atomic watch. Even I succumb to the zeitgeist.

The Sony Smartwatch is hardly a fashion statement but let Rolex get hold of this and…Katie, bar the door!



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