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A Moment of Bragging April 3, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in awards, business, e-books, Free, ideas, New Mexico, outlaws, westerns, Wild West, writing.

Yesterday my western editor at Berkley let me know that “Jackson Lowry’s” Sonora Noose had been nominated for a Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award as best novel. Wowza. Woot woot!

My novel lost out in the NM Book Award competition last year to Rudolfo Anaya’s Randy Lopez Comes Home. That was no surprise to me. Nor will a loss on the Peacemaker be unexpected. My money’s on James Reasoner’s Redemption, Kansas to be the winner. If not that, then Dusty Richards’ Between Hell and Texas. (But Rod Miller is on a roll this year, already winning two Spur Awards so The Assassination of Governor Boggs can be there, as well as Lyle Brandt’s Blood Trails.)

A lot of tough competitors.

But I am still doing a happy dance being in their company.

Been thinking about another Mason Barker novel and have notes all over the place, as well as a basic outline scratched down in my notebook. Apache Tears is my working title. For those not in the southwest, an apache tear is a small chunk of obsidian. The title, as it stands is a pun or maybe a metaphor. No good luck will come from this small bit of volcanic glass.

Try a free Jackson Lowry short story, “Fifteen Dollars.”

Back to work (on a fantasy short story, then a new bit of a western novel). A good day to stay in since it is snowing and has accumulated more than a half inch already. Quite a change from the 80 deg a couple days ago. But the winter wonderland outside cannot dim the warmth in my heart over the Peacemaker nomination.




1. ajcap - April 3, 2012

Congratulations Bob! That is worthy of a happy dance (please post to YouTube).
Cheers, Amanda

2. grace513 - April 3, 2012

Good on you Bob/Jackson! 🙂

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