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Wrath of the Titans or maybe just Miffed Titans? April 1, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in fantasy, movies.

In anticipation of my huge lottery win (hey, I matched the megaball # 23 and won…$2. If only the other 5 numbers had cooperated.) I shelled out the double digit ticket price and saw the 3D version of Wrath of the Titans. Not worth the extra $ for 3D but I’m finding that true of most movies. Be that as it may…

The trailer looked good. And the cgi in the movie was great. The actual rise of Cronos (sorry for the God of War spelling) out of the mountain was impressive, as were the 4-armed 2-headed critters. But the humans were a bit dense thinking Greek fire would work against creatures spawned from a volcano. I kept flashing back to Cronos in God of War crawling around on all fours in the desert. And this titan certainly didn’t look like Gaia. Ares might have been straight out of God of War, as were comments about gods and their worshippers. Interesting speculation (perhaps inadvertent) on how dead humans’ souls go to the underworld but the gods simply cease to be (turn to dust, actually–but the implication is that they don’t have souls)

And this is Wrath of the Titan*s*. Where were the other titans? Only Cronos shows up.

What it did look like was some set designer trying for authenticity in what should have been a lavish epic. Humans living in mud and thatch hovels, including the queen, was probably historically accurate but I wanted vast temples and palaces and stuff. You know. Stuff.

The labyrinth was clever and visually engaging. But the fight scenes were not well done. I think it was a minotaur Persesus killed, but I couldn’t be sure. Very murky. The scenes from the underworld were all lava and fire and darkness. Nice. Zeus being shackled and slowly turning to stone. Great. Having to bring back Bubos from the original Harryhausen movie reminded me how much technically has changed and how little attention is spent on actual plot or dialog. (And I’ve always wondered–was whoever named the mechanical owl Bubos aware what a bubo is medically? What it even means in Greek?)

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes were good, tho not with a scene as good as in the prior movie. Rosamund Pike is luminous and blonde and lovely and totally miscast as Andromeda. Mostly she stood around making cow eyes at Perseus (Sam Worthington). Not the appearance or behavior of a Greek warrior queen.

All the way through I kept putting Kratos into the Perseus role. Give it a real plot. Put dialog in the mouths of the characters. With the spectacular cgi, this would have been a memorable movie. As it stands, I remember the labyrinth and Cronos rising up and hardly anything else.

See it on the cheap in 2d. You don’t need the occasional rock or spear coming out of the screen. Don’t expect much (and if you have to choose, see John Carter instead).

And happy April 1. I leave you with this, perhaps the best April Fool’s joke ever:



1. D Gary Grady - April 1, 2012

At the risk of exposing my age I recall that Jack Paar showed that BBC spaghetti harvest report and next week said that the show had had a number of calls and letters wanting to know what the audience had been laughing at during the segment. Paar said we’re now going to show you where spaghetti really comes from, and the next shot was of a railcar descending into a mine.

2. bobv451 - April 1, 2012

Yup, you are right. Those wonderful Italian spaghetti mines.

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