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We’re From the Gummint, and We Want To Protect You March 17, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in gummint, inventions, web & computers.

So many new items, but the use of drones keeps cropping up. Yet, according to this article, there’s no real need for gummint drones to spy on you. All the CIA needs is for you to connect to the internet through some of the nifty TV gadgets that stream video or otherwise connect that big screen with the virtual world. So, be warned. Don’t sit and watch TV in your underwear. You might be violating public indecency statutes. (Don’t think the gummint snoops would put this on YouTube? )

But there is yet more proof the HSA folks are on top of that terrorism thing. I am very lucky all I got was x-rayed and groped by the TSA during my recent trip (and all this for the price of an airplane ticket! On the free market, it might have cost far more–easily that much, considering what a full body x-ray costs these days. I don’t even know what the grope would cost down on East Central). Proof positive you might possibly be a terrorist? Behavior! If you yawn, stare fixedly or, worst of all, stand rigidly or have goose bumps, then you gotta be a terrorist. That’s what it said in the DHS official guide “Terror Awareness and Prevention.”

This after the FBI deciding that paying cash for a cup of coffee was suspect. Definitely suspect, and CAT (Communities Against Terrorism) says so, so it must be true. So if that cute barista asks for you name, phone number and address, fingerprints and DNA sample, she might not be hitting on you–she might be ratting you out to the feds.

And if you think using a credit card gets you away from surveillance, nope. The NSA is going to collect everything: “pocket litter” as they say. Everything from that evil pink slime burger you bought to where you park and how much gasoline you buy. Everything. And I thought Carnivore was pushing the envelope.

There is an upside to all this. You won’t need to use any of those cloud storage companies–all data from your computer will be kept for you by the gummint.

Where your tax dollars (and private information) are going.

NSA Data Center



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