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Huzzah! The AZ Ren Faire! March 12, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in autographing, business, conventions, fantasy, geocaching, weather, writing.

Wind at 50mph, gusts to 68. Snow. It didn’t look good for my flight out of Abq to Phoenix and the Arizona Renaissance Faire autograph session. But the plane got off quickly (flying into such a wind meant the plane only had to get up to about 70 mph on its own to get airborne, though I am sure the pilot used full power). Great flight, lovely weather in Phoenix.

Mike Stackpole picked me up and off we went for dinner at a new Mexican restaurant. The next night we had dinner with Don Juan and Miguel at a BBQ place run by a friend of Mike’s. Wolfley’s has great food. Great conversation and Ron Wolfley topped it off with free desserts (I was stuffed to the point of potential explosion–and I regretted not being able to scarf up more).

Saturday, all day autographing at Lady Chamberlain’s Book Shop at the fair. Ann Chamberlain said this was her best day ever and she’s been at the fair for at least 5 years, maybe more. Don Juan said the estimated gate was 15,000 and a goodly number came past the store where Mike and I were set up since this was on the way to the joust.

We fielded the usual questions asked of authors at autographing: where’s the restroom? Which way to the joust? Did you write those books?

I sold all but two copies of Ogre Castle, all the copies of Desert Bob’s Reptile Ranch, surprisingly all but one of Stink of Flesh (this is a very heavy family oriented exposition) and, huzzah! No other titles were left. All gone.

Good meeting “Taos” from Second Life. Somehow, those avatars convey nothing about the real person, which is probably the point (though Taos towered over me, which was unexpected). And tea with Don Juan, Miguel, various Tortuga Brothers, the guy running the joust and others was simply fun (and makes me think I need to reevaluate my initial distaste for tequila).

Overheard: A woman telling her kid that the Middle Ages were in the 1800s.

I’ll have more about my geocaching adventure at the fair tomorrow. I leave you with a picture of Miguel and me.

Me and Miguel



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