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Arizona Renaissance Faire Ahoy! March 8, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, contest, conventions, fantasy, Free, iPad.

I sit at my computer listening to 50mph wind with 65+ gusts and see snow blowing parallel with the ground. And I worry I won’t be able to convince Southwest Airlines to take off and get me to Phoenix this afternoon. In addition, there is the solar storm hitting us now.

But the solar storm had nothing to do with downing powerlines just a half mile from me. Luckily, my power is on so I can recharge my cell phone and iPad for the trip.

Saturday Mike Stackpole and I will be autographing at the Ren Faire. Come on out if you’re in the Phoenix area and talk a while. Even if you’re not in the region, get there, come out and etc. I’m not sure what titles of mine will be available (got to keep a bit of suspense in such things, right?). The store is near the entrance/exit for the jousting arena.

Dinner with Don Juan and Miguel tomorrow night is on the schedule.

Clearing the decks of other stuff. Scott Phillips says the second part of his Pete, Drinker of Blood is ready to go real soon now. Let me mention again Stephen D Sullivan’s Elf Princess of Mars and that Scott Gamboe has extended his “win a Kindle Fire” contest until All Thieves Day (ok, tax day).

See y’all in Phoenix!


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