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February 23, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, New Mexico, science, science fiction, space.

Water Worlds and Space Elevators

Lou passed along this about a water world around a red dwarf. Twenty times as massive as earth, the atmosphere has water, but in “super fluid” phase. Not sure what this means so will check it out to see. Maybe an entire planet of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Ice 9”?

But another item caught my eye. It looks as if Japan is committing to a space elevator by 2050. Alas, I will never see it work, but I have doubts about this technology and if I lived to be 200 might not live to see it work. Still, go for it! No idea where the earth base would be. One of the Pacific Islands, probably. Iwo Jima is a bit north since nearer the equator would work, but it would be good seeing something rising from Mt Suribachi in addition to an American flag. (This date, 1945)

As an exotic technology for cheap launches, I’d prefer something like a laser launch vehicle. (For both this and the space elevator, a tip of the space helmet to Jordin Kare.)

Tonight I’m likely going to a talk by Loretta Hall on the NM Spaceport and a NM perspective on the history of rocketry. (7-8:30, Natural History Museum, for you locals)



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