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R46.1, That’s My Code February 22, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in gummint, history.

Lunch with a variety of folks always gives me the “You gotta be kidding” when they come up with things so strange not even a lawyer could imagine it. One of the top doctors in town made the claim that under new federal bureaucracy there are 140,000 possible claims that can be made for insurance compensation.

I didn’t think there were 140,000 ways to injure yourself, but the one he was sure would be used frequently was “Code V91 07XA burn due to water-skis on fire.” Except he was unsure which of the *3* code variants might be most useful. Three? You have to wonder about spontaneous combustion codes and even what the codes might be for alien abduction and subsequent anal damage.

How many bureaucrats does it take to screw in a light bulb? Oh, wait, we can’t own 100 watters any more. Never mind.

One of those story ideas that never seemed the least bit plausible (and certainly qualifies as uber sf) was Frank Herbert’s Bureau of Sabotage stories-–the Bureau of Sabotage was required to keep things from working too well. And of course there is Clarke’s Against the Fall of Night/City and the Stars where a wild card is introduced every few generations to keep decay from setting in. That is almost reasonable since it assumes things are tending to entropy rather than working perfectly and entropy must be introduced.

And one of those stories that might well be our future is Keith Laumer’s “In the Queue.” We spend our time waiting, filling out forms and then…

Otherwise, today was a fine day. Went geocaching and found a cache in an alligator/dragon’s belly. Seems appropriate, from the belly of the beast.

BTW, the code in the title is for “bizarre personal appearance.”



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