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Soaring Above the Trenches Giveaway February 9, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, contest, e-books, fantasy, Free, VIPub, writing.

I have a report on the latest round of freebie giveaways on Amazon, but first I wanted to let you in on a super contest. Scott Gamboe is giving away a Kindle Fire (wow!) And all you have to do to enter is review a book–which he will give you! (You want a print copy, you pay the postage–go ebook!) Here are the rules. Don’t pass up the chance to win a cool tablet.

Let me say that again. Wow!

Now, on to the latest on Career Guide to Your Job in Hell. I did no publicity at all for the most recent two days it was up for free through Amazon’s Select program. I wanted to see if that made a difference from the first time, touted with a lot of FB and Twitter support. This might have been bass ackwards since those who wanted a copy might have been alerted and gone the first time. Something to consider. But the numbers this time:
60/5/2 US/UK/Germany (prior 3 day giveaway 905/28/23) (total: 965/33/25=1023 over 5 days)

I did the same type of test with my sf book Moonlight in the Meg
65/29/1 US/UK/Germany (prior 1 day 315/37/4) (total: 380/66/5 total=451 over 3 days; next 1 day giveaway is on Feb 29 and will hype it)

I haven’t seen any added borrowing through the Select program or additional activity on sales elsewhere. So far the most successful promotion was reducing the price for 2 months to 99 cents from $4.95 on the first of the Swords of Raemllyn books, To Demons Bound This was the first of a 9 book series. I am thinking about trying this same approach in a few weeks when I get my Accursed trilogy ready to go. I want all three books up at the same time to use the Lord of Death and Life to plug the other two (and other s&s books as well)

Until then, check out Scott Gamboe’s books (and win a Kindle Fire!)



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