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Social Disease? February 3, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, iPad, iPhone, movies, VIPub, writing.

Back in ’78 or thereabouts Tony Hillerman started First Friday, a place for published authors to show up and swap war stories (or just stories–no mss please!). It continues to this day, after we’ve been thrown out of some of the best restaurants in town. We now meet in the Albuquerque Public Schools library offices. No food served but they have state of the art Prometheus computer screens.

Using said screen this month was UNM IP/film law prof, Sherri Burr, and her law student Shelby Carson with a presentation on authors using social media. Most interesting to me was the stat that the Millennial Generation (1980-2000) constitute a population of 80 million. This is a huge segment of out 320meg country steeped in using computers, iPads, smartphones and other gadgetry, especially in entertainment consoles. Another interesting stat was that of the Gen Z (born after 2000) cohort, 81% expect to get their 15 minutes of fame. The oldest of these kids is now 12–this might be why YA books are enjoying such an explosion. Good topics for YA would be a kid getting that 15 min of fame (like Hannah Montana).

I was less sure of the sales figures presented, but those are like nailing jello to the wall. Cited was a blog about ebook sales and other things ebookish. Give it a look and see what you think of it.

The very questions I wanted answered weren’t, maybe because there aren’t answers. Not all questions have answers, after all. How do you increase the # of followers? Having them come to you isn’t a good tactic. I came across another blog on 10 tips for authors using social media. I like the idea #5 the best. Find a balance. I am slowly coming around to Dean Wesley Smith’s idea that producing more fiction is better than blogging, twitting, FBing. Goodreadsing, etc. But I do enjoy FB (and blogging is so much like my early days in sf fandowm when I did a fanzine–btw, an unabashed plug to you Hugo voters. John J. Miller for best fan writer! Go over to Cheese-magnet and see what he’s all about.)

Check out Sherri Burr’s cv. She’s done work on time management, the US film industry IP (and just had a book out in Korea) Freak her out and follow her on Twitter @sherriburr



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