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The Pressure Builds January 31, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, fantasy, geocaching, ideas, iPad, science fiction, space, westerns, writing.

I have just finished the rewrite on God of War 2 and have been doing a lot of westerns. That means, yes, it does, the pressure is growing within my fevered brain to turn to some science fiction. I did the short novel Gateway to Rust and Ruin, and this whetted my appetite for longer work. Reading Greg Benford’s article in Reason fueled the fire. (I grew up in El Paso festooned with V-2s along the road as decoration and von Braun’s vision was mine, too–still is. I don’t care if we get out to Mars and beyond a la “Man Who Sold the Moon” or if NASA grows a pair and actually does something again in manned space exploration. I just want it done.)

While not good water discipline, standing under the shower affords me a chance to just think. The rush of the water gives a white noise that drowns out the phone ringing, the cats meowing for food, traffic in the street and, probably the low level hum from the quantum foam in my brain. The signal rises and I can think of … stuff. I am working on a new sf novel and hope to have more about this in a week or two after I’ve had the chance to work out a more detailed synopsis.

I might have to go for a long walk or two or even go geocaching for the first time in ages to hone the ideas. (If I log a cache on Feb 29, I get a nifty logo on my geocaching account.) This is another way of letting the ideas sort of roil around, then go pop like popcorn in a microwave. A downside to working like this is that I have to remember what great ideas I’ve come up with…

…look, a squirrel!

Sorry about that. When ideas arrive, they aren’t necessarily permanent ones. Which is why I write down everything as soon as I can. But the iPad shorts out in the shower and paper gets so soggy.

I leave you with the cover on God of War 2.

God of War 2, coming in September



1. kimberlywarner - January 31, 2012

Awesome post – seems everyone’s schedule is getting like yours. I don’t do much thinking in the shower though – I tend to zombie out in there… 🙂

bobv451 - February 6, 2012

Slipping the brain out of gear (or, as you said, zombie-ing out) is a fine way to let new ideas burble up.

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