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Report from the Frontlines January 13, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, fantasy, Free, science fiction, steampunk, VIPub.

I tried out the Amazon freebie promo route on anthology Career Guide To Your Job in Hell and my standalone sf novel Moonlight in the Meg. The former was put up for three days, Moonlight on January’s full moon for one day. Question was if giving away copies somehow increased visibility and sales.

After almost a week here is how it comes down. But first the number given away and where.

Career Guide:
US(924), UK (28–and one poor soul actually returned a free copy, maybe thinking he could get $4.99 or Brit pound equivalent refund in the confusion?), Germany (21)

Moonlight in the Meg:
US(315), UK(37), Germany (4), Italy (1)

Since then each book has been loaned out once (which is a good thing since the lending pool has been increased to $700k. Prior $500k pool equalled about $1.70 per loaned copy.)

Breaking into the Italy market is good though this is not a sale (and so far I have sold only 1 book, Hot Rail to Hell in Germany)

I have sold 3 copies of books since the end of the promotion. I’d say nothing moved the sales needle with the giveaway, since the books sold were part of the Swords of Raemllyn series and reducing the first book (until Feb 1) to 99cents as a different promotion.

That seems to have worked better, since I saw a slight uptick in sales on that series.

Summary: the free promotion doesn’t work. Possibly reducing the price for a limited time on the first book in a series does. Still to be determined: whether giving Amazon exclusive listing for 90 days into their lending library will be worthwhile compared with combined sales on Nook, iTunes and my own store. That will be reported later, my droogies.

I leave you with a glimpse at a new project.

Empires of Steam & Rust: The First Passage



1. Al Ellis - January 14, 2012

Thanks for the figures, Bob.

And the new project looks intriguing.


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