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Visit from a Bear January 10, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, sci-fi, science fiction, serial fiction, writing.

Greg Bear, that is. Last night he held a talk/autographing at Page One. In spite of a top of the article mention in the Arts section in the Sunday Journal using words such as “legend” and “master” the turnout was not all that great. Perhaps 30 people?

Anyone not there missed a pleasant, insightful presentation. I’d met Greg once about 20 years ago and was interested in hearing his adventures writing in the Halo universe. Comparing how God of War works viz a vis Halo was an eye-opener for me. Greg is pushing the 2nd novel in his trilogy of the Forerunners, Primoridum, with the third cleverly hinted at.

I was especially taken by his attitude toward writing. If it entertains, it’s worth doing. Crossovers (he mentioned vampire ranch romances, somewhat jokingly, but I am sure there are a lot out there) and tie-ins and sf and…it’s all worthwhile. He pointed out the immense popularity of video games, saying the industry revenue passed that of Hollywood movies back in the ‘90s. I can’t address that but the reports on the recent Call to Duty said it pulled in almost a billion dollars in 16 days. (Eat your heart out, Avatar).

Halo isn’t a series I follow, though I did read Eric Nylund’s First Strike back in the day. Halo sounds like an interesting idea, especially for novels.

In a day or two I’ll have a report on the Kindle promo for both A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell and Moonlight in the Meg.

Greg Bear


1. Stephen Smoogen - January 10, 2012

Well sadly I can say I didn’t know about this until your blog post. Man I feel bad as I have always wanted to meet him too. Well I hope you had a good time. I finished the Genetic Menace last night and am working through Career Guide.

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