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Sentenced to a Blogging January 8, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, fantasy, hobby, science fiction, VIPub, web & computers, writing.

I’ve agreed to do a guest blog over at Write Well, Write to Sell Fancy that. The very title speaks to everything I say about writing here. Give it a look and I’ll let you know when my guest blog goes up.

Blogging in general is sort of like taking a razor blade to the arteries running into your brain. At lot of years ago I published a fanzine, Sandworm, about books and happenings in fandom. I stopped pubbing it when I got into grad school and found myself working fulltime (up to 60 hrs a week) and taking a couple courses. The semester with the differential equations class followed by nucleation (where the prof gave tests over material just covered in class) was killer. So, in a way, coming to blogging is like going home to Sandworm.

Only it’s not. I can do hyperlinks to things you ought to know about and be far more timely, though this is less about publishing news than it is publishing trends and fun stuff seen through my myopic eyeballs.

My intent has also changed from hobby to profession. I want you to enjoy this so you’ll take a chance on reading some of my fiction. But like the old Twiltone paper days, I can mention stuff I’ve read and enjoyed. Scott Phillips is running a Kindle promo on his Tales of Misery and Imagination. If you haven’t read the stories here, you’re missing out. Grab it while it’s free, give him a review. Nathan Long delivered what might be the best ever blurb: Triangulate funny, creepy and melancholy, and you’ll find Scott S. Phillips, waiting for a bus.

I want to also alert you to one of my other Kindle promotions on Amazon. January 9, in celebration of the full moon, you can get Moonlight in the Meg for free.

Moonlight in the Meg



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