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Workin’ It on the Kindle January 7, 2012

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, Free, VIPub, writing.

A Career Guide to Your Job is Hell is #4 on the Kindle anthology bestseller list right now. You can score a free copy here.

This seems to be sparking interest in Scott Phillips’ Rum, Sodomy and False Eyelashes and Axel Howerton’s Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy’s as well as my second Weapons of Chaos book. That’s the idea behind such a promotion–and it will last through Jan 9. Look for a similar freebie promo on my Moonlight in the Meg during, what else?, full moon on the 9th. And subsequent full moons in Feb and March.

Career Guide was a fun anthology to do, hat tip to EDP Scott Phillips for getting the ball rolling. Brandie Tarvin has a blog on her experiences with this anthology which provides good reading about working as a writer under the lash of terrible taskmasters.

Let me know if you scarf up a free copy. Shoot me a picture of you with it on your Kindle and I’ll run it either here or on Facebook or both. Most of all get that freebie and do a review for us. Got some good comments on Amazon already. More can’t hurt!

Be sure to check out all our stuff, even that which isn’t free. You’ll like it. Really.




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