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Rollerball December 30, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, End of the World, gummint, movies, sci-fi, science fiction.

When I first saw the movie (the original) I didn’t much like it. A second viewing proved better. I’ve seen the movie a half dozen times and continue to find new things there I’d missed with earlier viewings. It’s borderline great solid science fiction social commentary. The basic idea is Roman bread and circuses, but with the corporations running everything because the nations have gone bankrupt. Seems to me in the real world the government and the big corporations have merged. It is a virtual revolving door between high government posts and Goldman-Sachs.

Part of Rollerball was the dumb game (ok, I admit it, I thought quiddiych was a dumb game, too–those movies increasingly relegated it to the dust bin which was a good move on their part). But James Caan and John Beck as Moonpie and the others got to wear nifty uniforms. This has come to pass in real life. Check out the Oregon Ducks uniforms for the Rose Bowl.

Inspired by the Illuminati

Click the link and scope out all the uniform pictures. The Illuminati vibe is blatant. Were these designed by the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderbergers–certainly it sounds as if Nike developed them for the military. Chaine Maille?

I have often wondered what would happen if an NFL player was killed during a game. What would happen? The cries for banning football drowning out those for more rollerball? I doubt that. We are in a society that wants no risk whatsoever and so need our outlet via football (or rollerball).



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