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Of Droids and epubs and iPads December 8, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, Free, iPad, iPhone, science.

Terri in El Paso mentioned needing an epub reader for her droid phone and one of my bookstore customers asked about the same this morning. So I checked around and came up with some possibilities. Anyone out there use any of these? I use the iPad so this hasn’t come up before (I prefer reading on my iPaddy and not the teeny phone screen.)


and of course there is Nook for Android.
Let me know what you use and how you like it (and why) and I might, just might, send you one of my epub formatted books.

Here is a great article on the 100 top apps to put on a smartphone.

And while we are on techie stuff, a while back I asked about the best way to keep the iPaddy battery hale and hearty. Gordon suggested recharging a lot and not letting it go too low. Found a notation in the online iPad info Seems there are a limited number of recharges possible, so letting it go way low and then recharging is the best scheme rather than frequent recharging from relatively high levels. It even says to let the battery go to zero once a month and recharge from scratch. Interesting (if you are a geek) it charges fastest to 80% and slower after that. I suspect the real number is 72% since this is an RMS value for about everything and after following the logarithmic curve up slows down to get that last few terajoules squeezed into the battery.

One bit of strangeness in the news is Bill Gates in China helping them plan the next generation of travelling wave nuclear power plants. But not in the US. Bill’s backing a winner and not a country whose leaders must gracefully let us go down in decline?

My iPaddy was squoze down to 1% and is recharging now. After 2 hrs it is up to 55%.

Power is low...



1. Stephen Smoogen - December 8, 2011

I use and can highly recommend the aldiko reader. It works very well on my droidX and on the other droids I saw before I bought my copy. The software has various modes for reading and battery usage, and it ties into feedbooks which has a huge selection of books (many in the public domain.. my son is reading through many of the original Tom Swifts via feedbooks).

I tried laputa but I found that aldiko fit my usage and needs better so stuck with that. [Heck I even paid for my premium version because I was so happy with it.]

I believe that for Li style batteries the best way to make sure the cells do not hit a problem (whose name is lost to me). basically the cells will hit the 72% you mention above and then won’t charge any further.

Hope this is helpful.

2. Elizabeth Burton - December 8, 2011

It depends on how widely one shops for ebooks what app(s) are needed. I have Kindle, Nook, and Google Books on my Atrix, with DocumentsToGo for reading Word files. If I have books from other than the “mother sources,” I can side-load them via my computer the same way I do on my Kindle and Nook ereaders. The best conversion program so far is Calibre.

As for charging your iPad, is that via the wall charger or USB? When it gets way low, the wall charger or a wall-connected dock is the option of choice.

3. Bill Trousdale - December 8, 2011

I also highly recommend the Aldiko reader. I’ve got a Viewsonic android tegra2 tablet w/10 inch screen and books look beautiful on it. My eyes are getting old and Aldiko easily adjusts font size and spacing. It also syncs seamlessly with the Calibre book mgmt program on my laptop. All of my books are epub but Aldiko has a built-in PDF reader which functions ok.

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