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Prelude to.. November 1, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, conventions, gummint, movies, science fiction, sense of wonder, VIPub, writing.

…research and business.

I just returned from an incredible trip to the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego. I’ll get into the business aspects of that in a day or two, especially dealing with e-publishing, VIPub and new projects that really excite me (yes, I am an excitable boy…)

I left Albq for LA to visit my son, who has become a true Angeleno maneuvering the freeways with aplomb. We hit a lot of sights, including Griffith Planetarium at night but the science fictional ones were 1) revelatory and 2) disappointing. #2 was supposed to be lunch at Clifton Cafeteria where LASFS met.

The cafeteria was closed for this week for some reason. And the Museum of Jurassic Technology was closed. But the one spot I wanted to see especially was open, probably because the LAPD Internal Affairs division is headquartered here.

The Bradbury Building has been features as a backdrop for a lot of movies, especially my favorite sf movie, Blade Runner. One factoid I had not know: the building was inspired by Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward. The interior has a bronze of Charlie Chaplin sitting on a bench, open grille elevators (two, each with an elevator starter–not that’s retro!) While going above the first landing is frowned upon–and considering the occupants of the upper floors, understandable–some nice shots were taken of the place. One is below.

A shock came with a touch of movie magic. Directly across the street is the movie theater shown in Blade Runner. But it does not face an alley. It faces the front door of the Bradbury. Alley composited in most realistically.

Great inspiration to be found here (and in the Goodyear blimp overhead, as well as the funicular and the plane circling over the courthouse with a banner letting the world know that Michael Jackson’s doctor should have been tried on murder charges)

To WFC tomorrow.

Bradbury Bldg interior lobby



1. Al Ellis - November 1, 2011

If I’m not mistaken, the Twilight Zone (original) episode, “Demon with the glass hand” was filmed there, too.

2. bobv451 - November 1, 2011

Right you are. This is a well-used venue and seems especially appropriate for sf since the man who had it built fashioned it around an sf novel.

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