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No Musketeers October 20, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, fantasy, movies.

Disappointment abounds. I’d been psyching myself up to see the newest entry into the Three Musketeers field tonight but the screening rep said the studio cancelled. That is not a good sign since it means word of mouth is likely to kill opening weekend. Rotten Tomatoes sort of says this, but it seems more of a neutral rating. No reason to see it, no reason not to.

The trailer had me with the scene of the zeppelin attacking the fort. Christoph Walz as Richelieu. The Ukranian chick who stars isn’t bad to look at and, besides, the movie has airships in it. What’s not to like? I mean, I loved those scenes in Sucker Punch.

I am off to World Fantasy Convention on Tuesday so will either pay real money to see Three Musketeers on Monday or wait for it to hit the dollar theaters in a couple weeks. (As to WFC, I haven’t heard if I am on a panel–probably not–or doing a reading–maybe. If you’re going, look me up and let’s talk. Alice Henderson is supposed to bring her GPS and there’s a geocache 01 miles from the hotel in one direction and another about that opposite. I’m hoping we can get a party together and go after at least Deep Blue Sea

Back to work since I’m not going to goof off with a mindless swordplay airship movie tonight.



1. Antonia Cardella - October 20, 2011

Have a great time at the con.

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