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And a Bottle of Champagne October 18, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, ghost towns, gummint, ideas, New Mexico, science, space, Wild West.

…was opened as Richard Branson rapelled down the glass front of the newly christened Spaceport America. With luck flights ought to be UUUUP there next summer.

I heard an interesting promotion on the radio the other night. Japan is sinking $10m into airline tickets to get people to Japan. Just the airfare. And the winners have to blog or twit or whatever about their experience. This is clever because it gives a lot of worldwide publicity (you can bet the Japanese tourist agency will pick up on every line and push it to an even bigger audience) and brings money into the country. You gotta eat and stay somewhere and travel around once you get into Japan. Who wouldn’t want to return with souvenirs? This looks like a great twofer– publicity and guaranteed money spent in country. Tickets are likely in the $1500 range. That much or more would be spent in country.

I wonder if something similar can’t be done in NM. Though we really have only one airport in the state (Albuquerque Sunport) it might work better than other promos. I haven’t heard how the “find Billy the Kid” hunt is coming. Or if it is. An outlaws of the American West might be an interesting promotion overseas. One denizen of Western Fictioneers said that a Japanese friend coming to Abq for the WWA conference next June wanted to find other black powder enthusiasts.

Throw in the lure of a lottery along with the plane ticket–a lottery for a trip to the edge of space. These are nickel and dime expenses for a state’s tourism budget, even NM. But, of course, money will be spent not building businesses or attracting tourists but in lining political pockets as has been done far longer than our 100 yrs as state and territory.

But the Japanese have a nifty idea. How can that be used to promote ghost towns, Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands and Spaceport America and our outlaw heritage?


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