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Are You Listening? October 14, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in contest, history, inventions, New Mexico, science, science fiction.

A contest! To rename the EVLA (Extended Very large Array). The role of the 27 radio dishes out on the Plains of St Augustin has expanded. Computers link the “ears” with others in Chile, there has been a huge upgrade to foptic (fiber optic) cable from wave guides and new computers somewhat better than a laptop (when I saw the VLA for the first time a lot of years ago, even then I was astounded at how primitive the tape drive storage was when I had a better hard drive in my desktop at home).

FIRST gave images at the 20cm band, mapping the skies from a year back. The EVLA has been one of those relatively inexpensive scientific projects that pumps out huge results. And, being in NM, some years ago it has spawned an sf anthology,
A Very Large Array:New Mexico SF&F

If we aren’t allowed to go to the stars, at least the EVLA lets us eavesdrop.
So, be a part of history. Give it your best shot and you might be the one renaming the VLA.



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