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Impulse September 27, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, ideas, science, VIPub, writing.

Part of VIPub is figuring out how to sell your work. Marketing. Presentation (you need a nifty cover–one that looks good both in thumbnail and in larger size, not to mention color *and* b&w since the Kindle (mostly right now) only shows in b&w). Impulse buying is difficult the way the online stores are set up. You can’t wander around, let your eye roam over long, tall shelves of books and when something catches your eye, pounce.

I’ve always loved watching potential buyers in a bookstore. Something catches their eye (the cover). They read the blurb. They turn it over. Read back cover copy. Maybe they open it up and see if there are more blurbs inside. Then they might turn to the first paragraph and read that. Oops, the author is a loooong way down the chain influencing this sale. But with ebooks, that has changed, just a little.

Keywords for a search, perhaps the “others who bought this book bought…” will get readers to your title. But sampling the content is probably the most powerful selling tool there after the cover. At this point it’s up to you and your work because impulse has to take over.

Deep brain stimulation is the key element here. You want to find an electronic equivalent of rushing the buyer. I hate car salesmen but they are effective because they know (possibly thru experience or just instinctively) how to close the deal. Don’t give time for reflection. In a bookstore if the potential buyer picks up the book there’s a 70% better chance of selling that book. How else can you engage an online buyer?

Giving an overwhelming number of choices never works. That DBS kicks in immediately. Giving only one choice is risky. Two can get into a positive feedback loop (in an engineering sense–positive feedback is terrible!). Three choices is optimal. The buyer can play one off against the other two and feel good about the decision to buy. You don’t care what the decision is as long as that “buy” is one of your titles.

Go on, make my day. Choose one of these!

heroic fantasy: Swords of Raemllyn

sci-fi: Weapons of Chaos

anthology:Career Guide Job in Hell



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