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A Day in the (Medieval) Sun September 20, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in conventions, dinosaurs, history, music, nostalgia, steampunk, Wild West.

Scott D asked if I wanted to tag along to the Santa Fe Renaissance Faire at Las Golondrinas (look it up–it can mean either swallow or buboes, though I suspect they intended the former meaning because this is along an acequia in a bosque where birds would gather, although this is NM, land of the flea, home of the plague). I’d been a few years back and enjoyed it. This is a miniature version of, say, the AZ Ren Faire, but it suits NM and the setting is much nicer, being in wooded areas and meadows.

The theme is more Spanish than the AZ Ren Faire and the king and queen are always Fernando and Isabella. They had pikesmen and dragons wandered about. The usual entertainment, Clan Tynker from Santa Fe, the Pomegranate troupe of belly dancers, celtic singers with electric lutes, fire jugglers and the like. Food was more local (Roque’s carnitas were, indeed, superior) with more Ren Faire-ish stuff like turkey legs available. Pati Nagel and Chris Krohn were serving up mead and a falconer with several birds held forth on the meadowlands.

I didn’t bother getting dressed in period but Scott asked a question that made me think a while. Which costume event appealed most? Took me a while to come up with an answer. I enjoy the ren faire and even getting gussied up in the clothing, but there are the purists who sneer and tell you it’s “not period.” Spoilsports. I want to have fun without them having fun telling me I suck. The SASS is another one where I feel comfortable in western garb. For some reason, a duster makes me feel bigger than life. But I finally decided steampunk might be best of all because there is no canon, no prescribed (or proscribed) dress and imagination can run wild. The other two center on real eras, steampunk is imaginary. Guess where I live mostly.

Quite a bit of steampunk stuff at this ren faire (also a Marilyn Manson wannabe) and pirates. Arrr, matey.

A day spent wandering about in the sun and enjoying the show. I got no writing done and didn’t even feel guilty about it. Much. Not too much. Well, some.

Santa Fe Ren Faire

Santa Fe Ren Faire Dragon



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