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Amazon vs Apple September 13, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, inventions, iPad, movies, movies & TV, music, VIPub, web & computers.

The battle of the titans is about to begin. A month or two? Certainly before Christmas and during the presents-buying season. Amazon is about to launch its color Kindle tablet.

One difference is that the Amazon Kindle is Android app capable. Another is that the initial launch will be wifi connectable only. That can change easily enough since existing Kindles have 3G. What carrier wouldn’t want the chance to hook up a new major source of traffic?

The advantages for AK (would they have the nerve to launch with the numeral 47, making this an AK47? No, I didn’t think so.) are the huge content through Amazon. They are gearing up to compete with netflix, already sell 90% of the ebooks, is moving into music and undoubtedly are innovative. Plus the AK will cost $250. This is half the price of the iPad.

I see this as another nail in the B&N coffin since the AK will go head-to-head with the Color Nook. Amazon is turning into the 800 lb gorilla. The question is in the air how long before they start to screw VIPub authors? They have 750,000 ebooks available. Does it serve Amazon to winnow those numbers? Time will tell.

They have introduced a behind the scenes quality control that hasn’t been obvious to me (or probably to you, either, as a reader/consumer) but a friend said they returned one of his books that had been on sale for some time to correct scanning errors. This isn’t a bad service at all since it gives the author the chance to pick up on what look like typos (scanning can introduce systematic errors–OCR software is good but even at 95% good it lets in mistakes. One I find in a lot of my scanned books is “com” turning into “corn.”) It’s good that Amazon cares enough about what’s on its electronic shelves to request this and it certainly is a boon to authors. Trust me, no matter how many times you copyedit a book, there will be typos. Always.

The AK isn’t a game changer like the first iPad but it is ramping up the competition. Waaaay up. E-ink is striving to have its day, this time with a tablet.

existing Kindle--not the Kindle tablet



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