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To The Bunkers! September 10, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, End of the World, fantasy, ideas, movies, sci-fi, VIPub, writing.

Whenever anyone asks where do ideas come from, I have to marvel. Read the news. Haunt those “Weird” news feeds. Find things like Visual Pink, a movie porn business, building a massive bunker to withstand the apocalypse due in 2012. Those crafty Mayas probably knew this would happen. After all, they predicted this end of the world, didn’t they?

This strikes me as a clever way to get publicity, and good for them. But the stfnal part of me has to wonder that, if the Mayan Apocalypta happened, what would you have left? A bunch of survivalists and a bunkerful of strippers and porn stars, along with their customers and the people running the company now. What sort of society would come out of this? Granted, there are any number of movies that sound like this. Check out Cheese-magnet for long lists of them.

How can sf writers, meaning VIPubbers, get on the Mayan bandwagon to promote our work? While I wouldn’t mind building a huge warehouse stuffed with porn stars, that’s a bit beyond my budget. Of course, if I really believed the Mayas were right, what good would money do me anyway?



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