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They Gotta Be Kidding? August 19, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in death, fantasy, gummint, ideas, sci-fi, UFOs, weather, writing.

They Gotta Be Kidding?

NASA is worried about something more than failing at their Muslim outreach mission? Why, yes, they are. They worry those grays will find us because of global warming and destroy us. Does any of that make sense? Carl Sagan said it was the oxygen that differentiated a populated vs a non-populated planet. He was thinking in terms of higher lifeforms, not slime. Oh, wait, excuse me. Sagan was thinking. That’s the big difference here.

Dumb aliens might be, at this very moment, invading planets with lots of volcanic activity? Or carpet bombing Venus?

I suppose we can excuse NASA since their real mission of manned space exploration is a thing of the past that they have gone a little…wonky. Dotty? Like old Uncle Herk who talks about World War I when he wasn’t even born then, goes on about painting electrons green and wanders about talking to himself a lot? Like ole Uncle Herk, I suppose we have to put up with NASA but the price tag is a lot higher. Uncle Herk at least gets Social Security and might qualify to be put in a home real soon now.

But let’s think stfnally for a moment. If the dumb aliens want to wipe us out because we generate CO2, according to NASA (we’re the gummint, trust us), why isn’t the reverse equally plausible? The dumb aliens come to earth to *buy* our CO2. They’re CO2 deprived. Earth prospers! Until there is no more CO2 left and we die in an ice age.

“Like fools we have let the devil take command of our souls…”

On so many levels, we seriously need what Jeff Wayne is singing here:



1. Judith Brownlee - August 20, 2011

Turns out it wasn’t a NASA project at all. The research was done by a group of scientists on their own time. Just one of them had an affiliation with NASA but even that was not for this kind of work, and he says NASA had nothing to do with it nor were taxpayers moneys involved. The publications that listed this as a NASA project have since retracted. I think it’s a neat idea. We’ve had at least two movies on the topic: the original The Day The Earth Stood Still and the remake, but for different misuses.

bobv451 - August 20, 2011

I should know better than to believe anything in a newspaper report. They are certifiable liars and have their own agenda, which seldom has anything to do with the truth.
is yet another article. If they do enough, I suppose one has to be accurate.
I really hated the new DtESS. The original story (“Farewell to the Master”) was clever and had a tomato surprise ending. The movie was ’50s nuke paranoia. I grit my teeth at the “we’ll take care of you, you poor things” approach in movie or gummint.

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