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A VIPub Event August 14, 2011

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How do you get noticed? The eternal frustrating question for an author in these days of VIPub (Vertically Integrated Publishing). Lou Liberty had her novel Pappy Shell and the Jenny Mule wonderfully received and sorrowfully rejected by legacy publishers for years because it was well written but didn’t fit a publishing niche. Sound familiar?

Lou took the plunge into e-publishing. The ebook’s up on all the usual suspects. But what about autographing sessions? Not so easily done with an ebook. So Lou held a reading at the DSG Art Gallery where her husband Dennis displays his work. Food, congenial setting, and a special guest. A mule. Not your usual reading when a mule is out back grabbing a quick brunch off a tree and contentedly chomping on it.

I learn things all the time and my western writer detail finder kicked in. Jenny mules is an old timey name. Modern is Molly (or Molli). When did this change? Don’t know but since I seem rooted in the 19th century it might not matter, but it is still good to know. I suspect it might have changed about the same time the Near East became the Middle East. That era was one of renaming things, for whatever reason. (And maybe there is a strong Jenny lobby but not a Molly? Or vice versa?)

Lou’s reading went well, she had a crowd of 30 or so people and the mule was well fed, too. And at least one woman bought a copy of the book. She had a new iPad2 and I guided her through the process of buying on Amazon now that Apple took away the direct link app. I’d say the afternoon was a success all around.

Lou Liberty, Jenny mule and muleskinner, & Dennis Liberty

Lou Liberty, Jenny mule & muleskinner



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