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Cats and Dogs August 1, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in cats, weird news.

Parade Magazine, the Sunday newspaper supplement, is hardly a news magazine. The “spontaneous” questions in their Q&A section always miraculously tie in with some movie or tv release. The World’s Smartest Woman answers questions you could look up using google. The recipe section is typical. Forty-seven new ways to prepare arugula in yogurt and aspic. The “fact” articles tend to be silly.

This week’s was “Which is the Better Pet, Cats or Dogs?” A patently unanswerable question since not once does a question address “are you allergic?” You sneeze when you meet a cat, don’t get a cat. So if you want a pet, a dog is the better choice. And vice versa. But their questions are all slanted to denigrating cats.

Dogs supposedly can understand 137 words. 137? Mighty specific number. Is the dog a genius is he understands 138? An idiot if he can only figure out 136? This reminds me of the statement: 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot. 137? As John Stossel would say, “give me a break.”

According to the article, dogs are thus superior because they understand more words. Not mentioned is that cats can give voice to more than 100 sounds, lots more than a dog can howl. Indicates to me communication cat2cat is far richer than dog2dog.

Dogs are pack animals. Cats aren’t. (Think of a house cat as a small tiger, at least psychologically). If you want a snuffling sycophant sniffing your crotch and licking your face, go with a dog. IOW, you want to be worshiped, dogs are the way to go. Cats couldn’t care less. Unless they want you to feed them.

I am certainly biased in the matter. I don’t like dogs, do have cats. But space filler articles like the one in Parade all too often these days pass as “fact” and even “news.” Bottom line. You want a pet. Don’t depend on Parade to give you a fair appraisal. Got to the pound, look around, and maybe just maybe, you’ll connect with one of the beasties (canine or feline). In the never ending posts of cat pictures, here’s one of my current black cat (a rescue cat going into his 5th yr of ruling my household for me).

X-ray rules!



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