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Time (Won’t Let Me) July 31, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, contest, iPad, Time, web & computers, writing.

All we have in this world is time. That might be why sf time travel stories are popular. How do you get more of it, how do you change bad decisions (so you will get more time to do things you want/should have). Recent reports from Chinese scientists have “proven” time travel is impossible. A lot of this depends on your concept of the universe and what parts of what we “know” is accurate.

Isotropy of space was a postulate to make sense of stuff far away as well as nearby. Quantum entanglement would seem to support this idea but nothing says the laws of physics here are the same as those waaaaay over there.

How to get more time to write is an increasingly burdensome question. I need to do a time/motion study for a week to see how I am wasting time. I used to write far more than I do now. Is the arrow of time piercing my hide? Am I just slowing down or doing something differently? I know I have more demands that are non-writing. The past month has seen me sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms for long hours (reading on the iPad when I could have been home writing) but there might be more to it.

Email takes up an improbable amount of time, even if I just delete most of it. I get several hundred emails a day and follow 5 different newsgroups, including a new one on electronic publishing. Valuable info, but it takes time to scan it, much less think about the heart of the posts.

I don’t do New year’s Resolutions but maybe I ought to try this one now: cut down on web time and increase time at the keyboard. Same old same old, I know, but slow and steady wins the race.

Speaking of such things, here is the logo in the name the critter contest once more. Sorry for the size. Will try to put in a larger b&w one, too. $50 gift certificate to my online store to the winner. Last day for entries is Aug 2 to contest@cenotaphroad.com I’ll run a poll of readers so you can decide what to call…

name the critter



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