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Simply Fab(ulous) July 26, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, ideas, inventions, science, science fiction, VIPub, web & computers, writing.

I am fascinated with the idea of fabricators. A couple years ago I went to a place downtown where you can rent time on a fabricator. Don’t know if it is still in business. It appealed to the artsy-craftsy crowd doing pots and trivets but the real potential lies elsewhere.

About six years ago I gave a talk on nanotechnology and mentioned fabricators. Huge resistance to the idea. “Takes too much energy” was the general consensus. I came across this video the other day which shows how technology has marched on.

Want a wrench? With moving parts? Let ‘er rip. During WWII building Sten guns was a cottage industry. Easy to make, cheap if not all that great, any fool could do it. Imagine this fabricator going after a Sig or Glock? AK47 would be a piece of cake. Crank up the fabricator out in the jungle and you’ve got yourself a guerrilla supply chain. Power? Put up solar panels and you’re off the grid. Get that 3D printer running and you’ve got yourself a revolution.

Couple this with a nano assembler good for chemicals (eg, gunpowder) and you can make firearms all day long. Untraceable since they don’t have serial numbers (Operation Fast and Furious would certainly have been an even more epic fail if we’d supplied unmarked weapons tot he drug cartels for use on our own Border Patrol agents)

Think of other crimes that can be committed. Fab a pistol, use it in a murder, toss it. Or fab a new barrel (and would every barrel have the same rifling? This is equivalent of a digital photo. How many weapons with the same rifling could be used in different crimes at the same instant? That would be an attorney’s dream defense)

So would such a mystery be sf or traditional mystery? Would mystery readers put up with sf elements (only they are *new* elements, not future ones)?

And, of course, we already do this with books. VIPub!



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