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It Takes Time to be A Legend July 15, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, contest, conventions, e-books, ghost towns, history, New Mexico, VIPub, web & computers, westerns, Wild West, writing.

Great post from Dean Wesley Smith today on time frames and becoming a writer able to make a living at it through VIPub (Vertically Integrated Publishing)..

Won’t happen overnight. Might be a decade. He does the numbers and shows that the single marker for success is to keep writing. I’d put it differently, but the result is the same. Stupid, dumb determination will get you there. Don’t give up. But in our high speed world, if gratification isn’t instant (or within weeks) the temptation is to give up.

Wrong. Perseverance is more than a habit, it’s a good habit for life and everything in it including being a successful writer. In a way, Dean is talking about wannabe writers, the ones who say “I always wanted to be a writer.” But they never have been before. Why not? There’s not very much fire in belly if you’ve always wanted to be….fill in the blank…and never tried. VIPub gives a great chance for someone with that book in ‘em to get it out there, but it might not catch fire and bring the “deserved” fame and fortune. (Note my scare quotes there.)

The Internet speeds up everything–but not success. Showing up (again and again) is important to becoming an overnight success in a year or ten years..

On a slightly different note, check out the New Meixco Tourism department’s Billy the Kid promotion. Wonderful idea to get people exploring the state. Catch The Kid will send anyone looking to win the $10k to some grand historical places. Go for it. This is a great state with history to match.

Off to Mythcon in a couple hours. See you there?



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