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You Have a Groin Anomaly July 5, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in gummint, weird news.

My son just returned from an airline flight from Seattle. Along the way, in addition to getting more x-ray exposure than he should have at his age, the TSA decided the x-rays showed “an anomaly in the groin” and carted him off to a room to grope him. He stayed quiet and was allowed to board his plane (barely) but TSA was silent as to the nature of this groinal anomaly.

But I am sure the TSAer enjoyed it. I doubt he even changed his gloves.

Still working like a fiend and no time, no time. I leave you with this YouTube. I remember hearing this on the Bob & Tom Show before the local station dropped them. But the video seems appropriate.



1. Duane - July 10, 2011

Get a lawyer. “Groinal anomaly” — sounds like federally licensed molestation.

bobv451 - July 10, 2011

while it is a bit flippant, gate rape is getting closer to the truth every day. I saw that they are worried about terrorists hiding bombs inside their bodies–if they pull out a scalpel to check passenger interiors…

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