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Wizarding (e)World June 23, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, conventions, e-books, fantasy, iPad, movies & TV, sci-fi, VIPub, writing.

Not hardly VIPub, but certainly noteworthy. The Harry Potter books–you’ve heard of them, right? The things that came before the movies? The HP books are going to be released a ebooks.

Events like this give a huge boost to the legitimacy of ebooks and drive another stake in the heart of legacy publishers who think ebooks are only a passing fad like pet rocks or Tomaguchi. Kids who don’t have Kindles or Nooks will want ‘em so they can collect the whole set. Actually, considering the time between the first HP book and now, a new generation ought to be moving into the books,. Disney knows the math and uses it–Disney rereleases their archived movie classics (usually in a new format) to a new generation every 7 years. I can see the HP books becoming similar, though with one difference. As new technology comes along, these books immediately can be at the forefront….and leading the way for the rest of us with undeniable sales.

This comes at a good time for me since Weapons of Chaos #2, Equations of Chaos, just went live on both Kindle and Nook
It is up on my store, too, the preferred way to read it! And for the iPad/iPhone/iBookstore

This weekend is going to be filled with the Alb Comic Expo. This is increasingly looking like a standout event. If you’re local, you ought to be there to know what everyone else will be talking about. I’ll be heading down to the convention center to set up my booth in a couple hours–I’ll be at booth #724, so stop by and say howdy. Scott Phillips is at #628 with lots of Drive stuff, and Cheese-Magnet info. #507 is Don’s Paperback Exchange and #525 is Burning Paradise Video (rumor has it Lloyd Kaufman will be hanging out there–or maybe a Tromette or two)

I’m psyched.



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