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On Geekery June 8, 2011

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I am at a loss to explain why people (good friends, even) like Big Bang Theory. It’s about geeks, right, and we’re geeks? SF fans are geeks and this is about us! I don’t see the show that way (though I admit I have only seen 3 or 4 eps, mostly waiting to see something good).

That the show is about geeks seems to be all that matters to people liking the show. I find it unwatchable since it is a “laugh at the geeks” show like you’d laugh at the antics of a monkey at the zoo. It wouldn’t surprise me if one BBT episode wasn’t about throwing poop at their inferiors.

So are there good geek shows? Definitely. Check out Eureka. The geeks aren’t freaks, they are real people who do smart things to correct things that go wrong and are more competent. In the case of some of them, they are *a lot* smarter. Who wouldn’t want to hang with Henry? This guy can do anything and is a super genius. He’s better than Tom Swift Sr and Jr rolled up and tied together with duct tape.

Even the laugh at ‘em crazies like the now gone Jim Taggert were competent and people you’d want to call if you had trouble.

SF in the early days (ok, the pulp era) piled on the competent geeks. They were super geniuses pitted against super evil geniuses–and they won. The Lens series is an example (of the lot, Worsel is more human but he’s still a geek). You didn’t laugh at them because they were smart or competent, you rooted for them because of that.

BBT brings out a superiority “I may be dumber, but look how Asperger *those* fools are” response. You don’t want to be like them because you pity them, feel superior in spite of them being smarter. That’s not a good thing.

Give me Eureka any day. Who wouldn’t want to actually know Tess or Allison, Zane or Chris or, yes, even Fargo? You geek, you.



1. bridgesburning - June 8, 2011

I am a BBT fan…but can see the humor is not for everyone..at least you did try to watch it!

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