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Look To The Skies! May 5, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, New Mexico, space.

Things astronomical are happening, and no, this isn’t a dire apocalyptic prediction. Just a cool sight of six planets in the morning sky. Find the plane of the ecliptic. Horizon. There you are. The majesty of our solar system. (I am not sure if Pluto, which is a planet, could be seen in this clustering with an appropriate telescope, but I doubt it).

I wish I had more time to pursue stargazing, but like all things, time is a consideration and choices have to be made. So I’ll sit and comment rather than do.

So many things happening in the heavens. The Spaceport America schedule now calls for Virgin Galactic flights late in 2012. I am beginning to think the first flight is going to be … never. If Sir Richard had plunked down earnest money, I’d be more sanguine about the chances. There should be uses for the spaceport beyond one company, and I hope the state of NM is looking for them. Considering this is NM, I doubt it, since vision has never been high on the priorities.

How many sf books mentioned a spaceport at White Sands? Between Planets by Heinlein, of course. What else?

Somehow, White Sands is a more…stfnal…location than, so help me, Marfa, TX. But if buying a book from Amazon helps the space effort, so be it. You can check out my this-week-released In the Sea Nymph’s Lair
Help Bezos get into space and keep me alive so I can see it. What a deal.

I am doing my own version of Death Race 2000 going into Tornado Alley. I expect to have some connectivity but not much, so I may be a few days before posting again.

And in the meantime, force yourself up early and take a gander at the planets. Really.



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