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Juggling Faster May 4, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, inventions, writing.

…and then the running chainsaws are added.

Fantasy Football season has started. I’m caught up on the instruction mss for the moment. Got the synopsis for the new western completed and will start on the book today. Synopsis for the spy book (first third) done and will get to that in a while. And the God of War 2 rewrite is powering up. That’s work. I had to replace the doorknob into the garage, which gave me insight into a wonderful new bit of technology.

The snap lock broke. No big deal, but I have replaced locks all around the house and have a ponderous key ring just to be sure I can get in somewhere. This would add a fourth key to the ring just for getting into the house. But wait, technology marches on! I had no idea that you can buy locks that can be reset to your existing key. It took about 30 seconds to insert the key that came with the lock, twist it around, insert a shim, take out key and insert my existing front door key, remove shim and voila! The lock was reprogrammed–re-keyed, they call it. I am amazed at the simple stuff.

And I had to replace the god box for my tv. It was becoming increasingly recalcitrant on doing intricate processes like, oh, changing channels. The number buttons had all quit on me. I found that going to the online guide and punching a bright red button would take me to the channel I wanted (no return to previous channel–that button was all gummed up, too). But this was fading, too. Got to Comcast office and the line ahead of me was easily an hour long. Guard comes over, asks if I wanted a new surf board, I said yes, he took old one and handed me a new one and I was out in seconds.

It took me 5 minutes to replace the doorknob. It took me 15 minutes to find the proper control code for my tv. But both work well.

Alas, yesterday I was not working well. Got a touch of food poisoning, queasy, running fever, headache. That pretty well shot doing any work. I admit it. I’m a wimp but I also believe in operant conditioning. Writing and throwing up after I finished a page is not a combination I want to “learn.”

Good stuff waiting to be read. Got a Kindle copy of James Reasoner’s Diamondback for 99cents. How can I go wrong with that? I’m going to be on the road in a couple days and this will be a perfect transit read.




1. Livia - May 4, 2011

I discovered the rekeyed doorknobs when we were building out house, three doors 1 key. When I was building my daughter’s house I tried to get her to let me rekey all of her knobs to our key so there would be even one less key to keep up with. She didn’t love that idea.

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