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Weighty Words April 26, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, e-books, ideas, VIPub, writing.

VIPub is a great boon to writers. We can write what we want–and with that comes great responsibility. OK, not *that* great maybe, but one that is significant. You must weigh your words and do your best work. The reason is pretty simple. All any writer has is time. You can fill it up with fluff or you can put down profound thoughts–but whatever you do ought to entertain your audience.

The funnel of legacy publishing is a significant one. The editor chooses not only what s/he thinks will sell (ie, make money for the publisher) but what is reasonably good. Granted we can argue over bestsellers that are trash–but the equation is still the same. Time spent writing and editing has to equal amount of entertainment for someone. With VIPub the editorial estimation is out of the pipeline because the writer has become the publisher.

If anything, this ought to make our work all the more focused. We don’t have to sell as many copies to make the same amount of money, but that is secondary (unless your mortgage is underwater and you are seriously thinking of being on the Repo Show) to good work, entertaining work. All we have is time. Spending it wisely is paramount because we have less time to write since so much else has to be done.

I just spent an hour on the phone with Mike Stackpole talking over an interesting development on a couple gaming tie-in projects and a huge hole in the contracts. Neither of us was writing. But we were doing business. We talked of future joint projects. That’s good planning what we’re going to do and goes to making the best use of future time. But it’s not butt in chair writing so that words leap across the screen.

Each project matters. We need to be misers about our time and a good way of doing that is to weigh every word when we are actually concocting our stories.

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I leave you with today’s Bizarro cartoon which has weighty bearing on our words.



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