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Signing On As A Galley Slave April 21, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, conventions, e-books, fantasy, sense of wonder, VIPub, writing.

Creating new work is fabulous. I love thinking up the ideas and yes, even sitting and putting it all down. Some of the gleam is off that actual written down form, but it is still a miracle. Rewriting to take care of the problems is less interesting though this is where the final product begins to show up. Editing and copyediting then enter the picture. No fun, either of them. Boring stuff.

Then comes probably the one I consider a time waster and yet essential. Going through the galley proofs to make sure it’s all there, no lines or paragraphs inadvertently left out (or duplicated), italics right and punctuation accurate and even a shot at one last “was that really what I meant?” Time consuming and there’s nothing new being done. My least favorite part of the process (well, maybe not as bad as the editing and copyediting, but…) I am about half finished with the 2nd book in the After the Spell Wars trilogy, to be published any time now. Stay tuned. There’s going to be some kind of online launch and I’ll let you know details. In The Sea Nymph’s Lair is a fun read but I am tired of reading to catch punctuation. I’d prefer to read it for fun. And I hope you will, too (read for fun, not punctuation, which ought to be just fine, thank you, after I send the galley proof back to Zumaya Otherworlds).

But an astute reader might ask about the first part of the blog title. Galley slave is obvious. But “signing on”? Merlyn sent this along through channels and is something a bunch of us have been talking over for a year or longer. How do you autograph an ebook? This article gives insight into how it might be possible electronically. I can see problems. I don’t want my digital signature out in the ether, infinitely reproducible. But that’s just me. Perhaps changing the signature would work? (I have been known to forget my own name while signing–ask me some time. There’s actually a reason for this other than senility)

Another suggestion has been trading cards with the book covers–collect the whole set. This is an interesting concept but I’ve got a lot of books out there on Kindle (hey, they just opened up in Germany!) and Nook and my own store. It isn’t too prohibitive to have cards printed up but carrying dozens of them around to cons can be a chore–and one more thing to forget to take. Now *that* is senility at work. Where’re my car keys again?

Back to my lovely sea nymph–it’s getting down to exorcism time for the wizard and the nymph’s not having any of it.

cover by Brad Foster



1. bridgesburning - April 21, 2011

Amazing ..senile..and still able to write a great post! I am looking forward to checking out the book!

2. bobv451 - April 21, 2011

You might want to start with Ogre Castle, though it’s not necessary. Print copy at my store (you can get it autographed!), ebooks at Kindle, Nook and Fictionwise.

And where did you hide my car keys? I saw them today. Yesterday. Sometime and…

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