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The Con(science) of the King April 20, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in business, conventions, movies & TV, sci-fi, science fiction, serial fiction, VIPub, writing.

Talk about polar opposites! I have a couple convention appearances coming up and wanted to share them. The first is the Albuquerque Comic Expo (ACE) with about every artist, writer, TV/move star and film maker you could want. I mean, Stan Lee? Lloyd Kaufman? And I had lunch with a friend who said a friend of hers, Brady Canfield, who does “Ombat Rew” will have a table, too. OK, OK, that was his inspiration–the comic is Wombat Rue. Interesting story behind the derivation of the name and how he is marketing the graphic novel. True VIPub stuff, that–so the serialization technique isn’t a secret, can’t be made one, and is quite possibly the best way to do fiction for the e-readers now.

New people to meet, the chance to talk to so many folks my voice goes hoarse, and (a definite plus) it’s being run by people who know what they’re doing.

This is kinda lowbrow in comparison to Mythcon 42 where they call for academic papers, professors give learned presentations on subjects I am hardly cognizant of–and it will be another great experience meeting new people and hearing topics I never likely considered since my brain would explode otherwise. Interestingly, it seems that both ACE and Mythcon might have the cosplay thing going, the former with pop culture and the latter with SCA. All riiiight!

One aspect of VIPub is the marketing. What better venues than these two cons? The first with video and game tie-in material and the latter with more fantasy oriented stories. Not sure where Career Guide to Your Job in Hell fits in but I suspect both 😉

Getting excited already, but there’s a ways to go before ACE. A sidewalk autographing at Burning Paradise is in there first. More on this as I get closer to May 13.

Fun times.



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