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Stimulation April 7, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in science, westerns, Wild West, writing.

I came across this article about coffee drinking, genetics and caffeine It drove home how different we all are, in spite of a common heritage back in the day (hi, Lucy!) The smell of coffee is disagreeable to me and caffeine has never perked me up like it seems to for others. Now I can say I’m genetically disposed against coffee? Wonder why that got built into the DNA?

A few years back I was on the road for long hours. Caffeine doesn’t work to keep me awake, nor does sugar to any appreciable extent. Oddly, sugar does settle an upset stomach (or maybe I just convinced myself of this when I was a kid on long family trips, flopped out in the back seat of the car reading the Lensman series and gobbling redhots). But I was really tired, even nodding off on the exciting stretches of land between Wichita Falls and Amarillo. So I tried the Five Hour Energy drink.

Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. A second bottle didn’t do anything to perk me up, either. I spent the night at a crummy motel in Amarillo.

The alcoholism rampant in the Wild West was probably more a matter of self medication than genetics. When every bone in your body hurts and trade whiskey eases the pain, you’re likely to drink a lot of the grain alcohol laced with gunpowder for color and rusty nails for taste. It might even have had some nitric acid added for kick. The only option to this was laudanum.

Easier to use and carry, not quite as easy to get, it was a favorite among the soiled doves (see the sign in Rango? Wonderful!) More than one committed suicide or accidentally OD’d with this drug of choice. Not sure what smoking loco weed did, since tobacco was a rare luxury on the frontier. Medicine men, of course, passed around jimson weed seeds (night blooming cereus–gorgeous flower) and other potions.

So maybe those folks, on the frontier and now, who can “hold their liquor” are genetically insulated from the effects of that stuff you also put into your gas tanks along with actual fuel. I have heard that some people are immune to addiction to heroin (a very small percentage–my guess is 3% since this number shows up a lot in genetic variation).

As the Firesign Theater might say, “get high on life itself.” Me, I’ll just stumble along without the crutch of caffeine or sugar to boost me up to normal.



1. Elizabeth Burton - April 7, 2011

Caffeine in coffee will wire me up something fierce, but I can drink tea and caffeinated soft drinks ten minutes before bedtime and sleep like Dracula on a midsummer’s day.

Booze just puts me to sleep.

But all this just supports my deeply held belief that we’ve let advertisers and corporations persuade us one size fits all, which any woman who lived through the early years of pantyhose knows deep down just ain’t so.

Celebrating our uniqueness may be more than psychologically sound. It might also affect our health and other aspects of our nature.

2. Patrick Smith - April 7, 2011

Mainly I never have liked Coffee… I like the Smell… Only any time in the Past I have tried to Drink it… Blah… It always Tasted Bitter… Never liked it… There are a few Times a have neen able to Tolerate it… Ice Cream and or those Coffee Candies etc… BBQ SAUCE along with the like… Blah… Mainly telling myself that the Maya and or other Indians never used Coffee Beans in their Food… Such as Succotash type of Dishes etc… Mainly they would Contaminate the Flavor of everything that was in the Pot… Same with Caster Oil Beans… Coffee is mainly something that came about after the Spaniards had Landed… Along with started taking control… As far as other Drugs such as Cocaine… They’re just Numbing Agents… Indians mainly Chewed on the Leaves for Tooth Aches & Such… Otherwise I never became High off of it the Few Times I tried it… It just made my Nose Numb and or Throat & Mouth… As there are several variations… Cocaine Lydocaine Xylocaine etc… As far as Heroin… I guess I am one of those People who is Immune… Mainly when I was in the Hospital… They were giving myself Heroin… Only it was not doing anything for the Pain… As they kept coming around giving myself Higher & Higher Doses… Only everything was just as it is now… It did seem to cause my Veins some Irritation… In which they were saying that it was because they injected it too fast and or I was Allegic… Only I’m Immune… I’m not allergic… It didn’t cause myself to go into some Code Blue situation etc… Where I believe that Heroin and or Poppy Opium etc… Is for Treating a Specific Type of Pain which I was not Experiencing… Mainly it seemed as though the Muscle Relaxers were the ones that were Relieving my Pain that way… Same with Pot and or whatever name you want to call it by… Mainly getting that it is for Burn Treatments… People with 3rd Degree Burns etc… Making Potases like Moss & Mustard Potases… Unsure of the Spelling… Mainly the THC Absorbs into the Skin… Gives the Individual this High that takes away the Pain from the Burn… And or Digestive Track Inflammation… This why it was possibly used way back when during Cremations etc… And or was burned on the Fire… And or it is part of the Recipe… As I am getting the way they Treat Burn Victims today isn’t correct… Leaves them all Scared… And or was used in these Embalming Procedures in Egypt… Cannas Leaves etc… Wrapping up someone like a Mummy with 3rd Degree Burns In which they’ve put some sort of Potas Paste And or Mud Mixture on the Individual in Question… There’s a bunch of other Data here… PAT!!!

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