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That and $10 Gets You A Cup of Coffee April 6, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in contest, fantasy, sense of wonder, writing.

At Starbucks, at least, if you go for the small cup, whatever that is called in their store-invented lingo. I am utterly pleased, excited, get out your thesaurus and find a gazillion other synonyms for happy, that I received a nomination for God of War. (On sale for $10.24, lots cheaper than the e-book version, at least for the moment)

I came onboard as co-author when Matt Stover was unable to continue due to illness. The book proceeded well, after a few rocky moments at the beginning as I got up to speed as to what was needed and wanted, and it finally saw the light of published day.

This is the kind of book that works well in legacy publishing. It’s a novelization of a videogame and has multiple avenues of advertising open to push it. For whatever reason, the Brits (Titan Books) are doing more to promote it than Random House. But the game itself is a great advertisement (as opposed to the book being an advertisement for the game).

And now there is an IAMTW Scribe nomination as best adaptation. As I hinted at above, this is a wonderful day/week for me garnering a nomination (1 of only 3 in the category) but I wonder in today’s world if any award really matters in terms of future sales. The Academy Awards certainly have little bearing on future box office. Winning a Pulitzer doesn’t seem to nudge the needle much on public acceptance (ie, buying the stuff). I’ve been told Hugo and Nebula awards don’t mean much to editors looking at new material. True? How do they affect future sales? At all? A lot?

It seems that today’s audience is keyed in to different metrics. Twitter might be more important that “award-winning.” Or a good mention on Facebook? What’s the scoop on Goodreads? Do you actually read the reviews on Amazon? Would you buy (or not buy) a book because of such a review? NYT bestseller has a cachet. What else does?

In one respect, getting the nomination was easier than waiting to see if I win will be…Chinese water torture, one drippy day at a time until SanDiego ComicCon where the Scribe Awards are announced and presented.

Scribe Award nominated novel



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