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What Do We Really Know? April 1, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in education, ideas, nostalgia, pranks, Second Life, weird news, writing.

The name for that, something Greek like epistemology (not to be confused with episiotomy), gets to heart of a day like today, April Fool’s Day. In the past hoaxes have been great fun and today would garner life in prison sentences. Poe’s Great Moon Hoax comes to mind and yet the so called news outlets have no trouble passing off equally irrational things and doing so because “the public has a right to know.” The world has changed, mostly in a decreasing sense of humor.

Here is a great list of April Fool’s Day jokes. I was especially taken with #7 because it was perpetrated by a CESE member. The obvious way to make such things work is to have just a tad of “sure, that could happen” mixed in.

The harmonic convergence ought to be listed but the planetary alignment reducing gravity enough so you could float around the room certainly qualifies as how you can convince yourself of anything.

Some were scams like the Cardiff Giant but Nessie dead body washed up on the shore is of a kind.

I’m not sure UFOs or the chupacabras fall into the hoax category as much as delusions, as in willingness to suspend disbelief in spite of all evidence. But they make for good stories. Bigfoot, too, zipper or not. What fascinates me most about the chupacabra is how recently it came into being. What’s next? What can be next? Therein lies the task for the inventive writer.

Somewhere PT Barnum is laughing at us



1. Chuck Heintzelman - April 1, 2011

Great link to the list of April Fools jokes. #7 was pretty funny!

bobv451 - April 1, 2011

Another April Fool’s Day joke is that wordpress is 10x every reply on the counter. So your view counted as 10. Doesn’t that make you feel special? 😎

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