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The Ideas of March March 15, 2011

Posted by bobv451 in e-books, ideas, sci-fi, science fiction, VIPub, web & computers, writing.

Time is relative. With traditional publishing, 18 months was not an unexpected time to wait between turning in a ms and seeing the printed copy on the stands. For my God of War 2 novelization, it will be almost two years, since it’s not due out until Sep 2012. But in these days of VIPub, the world moves soooo much faster.

A friend submitted a book to Nook and Kindle last night around 8pm. Nook had it for sale this morning. He complained that Kindle didn’t. We have gone from 18 months anticipation to less than 18 hours. Ain’t VIPub wonderful? (I suspect the book will be ready for buying on Kindle any second now since it’s going on–gasp–20 hours.)

Tonight I’m attending the Gary Vaynerchuk talk on using social media to peddle stuff. His newest book The Thank You Economy seems bass-ackwards to me, it being a rationale for using social media for promotion whereas his first book, Crush It!, was how to use the social media. This reversed order certainly is not hurting his sales, from the Amazon numbers. It could well be that the market was still denying such things two years ago and is now ready to hear the message (and Crush It! will see increased sales in the wake of the new book). I will report on what I hear tomorrow.

My son tells me there is a $1000 fine for parking in the wrong slot at the University. They take their reserved spots seriously, it seems.

On a VIPub front, Crisis at Starlight is now available at iBookstore. And Space Vectors can be had at both Kindle and Nook.

So there.

Back to work.



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